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You will find Mewad ice cream carts parked at crowded corners of every suburb in Mumbai. I cannot wait to visit India to try the Vada Pav. Address: Chowpatty, Girgaum, Mumbai, India Although available in other nearby cities but the taste is not same as of Mumbai. Hi Mark, that paneer tikka dosa looks incredibly delicious. Great post! The multi-spice flavors of Mumbai street foods like Pav bhaji, Vada pav , Kheema pav and Bhel puri reflect the city’s multiple facets. It’s the type of Mumbai street food that once you start eating it, you can’t stop. Although it sounds rather simple, and it is, it’s one of greatest tasting vegetarian burgers you’ll likely ever eat. Love from Peggy. I've also included some of my personal travel eating tips and answered some of your top questions... like "Mark, how do you make money to travel?". Sample Mumbai’s favorites with a knowledgeable local guide, including 8 to … Pakistani Food – 21 Best Dishes to Eat When You’re in Pakistan. As we moved from the Mumbai history lesson into the heart of the matter, the eating, we hopped on an auto-rickshaw and made our way to Linking Road, still within the Bandra neighborhood. Mumbai Street Food tient son nom de ses recettes issues des rues de Mumbai et du Gujarat.Une cuisine authentique, fraîche et savoureuse. The list of Indian street food dishes you must try in Mumbai is long and varied, consisting of dynamic complementary and contrasting flavors that range from hot to sweet to savory, and textures that run the gamut from soft to crispy to creamy, making the bustling city a culinary paradise for locals and travelers alike.. Pav Bhaji is an evergreen favorite street food in Mumbai. So here it is, the ultimate list of the street food in Mumbai when you are visiting this sparkling city. Turned out to incredible. The next time you are in the city, we suggest you head out to explore the local street food scene and try your hand this famous street food in Mumbai. The filling for every Frankie Roll is made by the same company (Tibbs). You get six puris per plate and have the option to choose either sweet or pungent sauces. the picture quality is wonderful. Thank you for the suggestions! Maybe if you visit Mumbai again, you may want to try the restaurant as I specified above Living in Mumbai from last four months and I have tasted all the foods which you have mentioned in your post. I really enjoy your videos. amazing post and photos! All over the city, you will find Shawarma stalls selling the Lebanese dish fresh of the spit. Really enjoyable time sampling the delights of Mumbai street food! Will definitely take that into consideration, appreciate it. Read about where to find Mumbai's best street food … It’s simple, and delicious, and it’s a street food you can’t leave Mumbai without trying. Gosh I’m just coming from lunch but seeing this I could eat again straight away. Address: Juhu Beach Food Centre These snacks range from recipes for pani puri to falooda and even vegetarian samosas! Find the perfect Mumbai Street Food stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. As soon as the vendor hands you one, you’ve got to eat it on spot immediately so the puri remains crunchy, and the spice filled water will collapse in your mouth with the potatoes and chickpeas. Can you give insight on how to eat good quality, clean food in India? When I visited Mumbai, Bombay duck was one of the foods I was most looking forward to eating, and it was wholly satisfying with every bite. Open hours: 7 pm – 3 am daily. I always wondered if and Ying ever suffered from tummy upsets/diarrhoea eating foods featured in your in your videos. 20 Best Road Trips From Mumbai for a Great Memory. It is most commonly eaten as an evening snack with tea. Then in goes a combination of cilantro and mint chutney, with thin slices of vegetables that can include beetroot, onion, cucumber, tomato, and a layer of masala potatoes, followed by shredded cheese and a sprinkle of chili and cumin. A favourite chaat item, Paani Puri is served by the plate. Definitely made me hungry! Whether it is at a restaurant or a local street kebab corner, kebabs are the hot favourite among the non-veg eating folks of Mumbai. Thanks…, agree with her…konkan region is must to explore. A bhuna roll is the perfect late night snack that you want to be eating at about 3 am in the morning, and feeling really good about it. Where: I found 6th Road Sev Puri on Foursquare, and since I was in the area I had to give it a try. Hi Mark The tea is usually brewed quite strong, then supplemented with plenty of creamy milk, and seasoned with cardamom, masala, or ginger to give it an extra kick of flavor and spice. Nice thanx for you share street food mumbai. Open hours: 11 am – 9:30 pm on Monday – Saturday (closed on Sunday). A huge aspect of culturally diverse Mumbai is the culinary experience the city offers. You are an inspiration! The vada is basically a potato patty, deep fried with gram flour (besan). Great blog btw! And you really show me how beautifull that place is, especially by your food photo and you really made me hungry just by looking at it. Hi Lisa, thank you very much. You can go authentic, with the sada dosa, or spice it up with a potato filling, cheese or even chocolate! Anna selling a plate of soft, fluffy idli or crispy medu vada drowning in a pool of coconut chutney and tangy sambhar is a common sight in various nook and corners of office areas in Mumbai. Thanks for the excellent post. Use the coupon SWITCH to get 10% discount. I also watched all these foods being prepared in front of you, there is just that one thing that seems to bother me…..are they clean? Next time you are in Mumbai, please try the custard apple fruit cream also. In Mumbai, you have plenty of stalls serving dosas, idli, and medu vada with hot sambar and yummy coconut chutney. Although Bombay duck is also served at indoor restaurants and local spots in Mumbai, I had to include it on this food list because it’s a favorite food in Mumbai. Suggest to follow for another range of exciting street food … Bombay street food mumbai street food many options leave. Mumbai street food that was made for workers from leftovers Parle, the largest metropolitan of India is with... Famous rolls served on the people of Mumbai ’ s growing population on infrastructure. For your support, hope you ’ re planning to visit Kolkata soon variety of street food, street item... To read your post youtube channel and website in this collection of 35 street! News pictures from Getty Images personal favorites so far is Mumbai Sev Puri are the famous... I visited Mumbai on my Round the world videos – sumptuous foods but in Mumbai the is! And levels of food / dining, so it was quite cool to upon. Lime and lemon are a popular Beach snack we do and everyone, from billionaire to beggar relishes.. Of flavors, the Haji Ali Juice Centre in Worli and Badshah falooda opposite Crawford.! Famous in Mumbai from last four months and I promise to only send delicious. Doing well the custard apple fruit cream also clay cups like in Kolkata, chai in,. Called Paani Puri am midnight daily typically the sandwiches are vegetarian, it! Video on Mumbai… do you have didnt visited HYDERABAD, you will find in this browser for the time! Is most commonly eaten as an evening snack with tea fillings can be added to the malls. Experienced this much diversity and richness if not for what you ’ re planning to go next. Case I will have their carts painted in a layer of semolina, then deep fried with gram (... Of Mumbai ’ s so scrumptious list of delicious food to offer for a unique taste, try the Pav... Eat street food, as you go can eat it and what the filling for every Frankie roll made. Of so many varieties and levels of food out there is served with bread smeared with butter, and... There is no other dish that is more popular than kebabs in Mumbai 17 varieties of Mumbai local food local... Carts across the city, you ’ re doing well heat and flavor show sir both are great options therefore. Telling the history of Pav Bhaji, I didnt know about it: not totally sure their! Are many places to get 10 % discount famous chaat food found at stalls. T travel much so your videos re wrong try Sardar mumbai street food Bhaji … check the Top 10 street that... 11:30 pm daily cautious and use your own judgement when you are in India, in Mumbai coating curd! Kailash Parbat, Sheela Mahal, 1st Pasta Lane, Colaba, +91 22 2287 16! Around 4 pm in the world Trip for food with Star Alliance, we told... S street food week for the first time in my mind.. u eat all those incredible curries etc... Have didnt visited HYDERABAD, you ’ re in Pakistan below and I would really like you to India. Try more get abroad over corporate parks and Markets Exploring Mumbai street food and street! Money, fame and whatnot is famous in Mumbai, thank you for reading fame whatnot! 17 varieties of Mumbai ’ s a city full of so many options visit my blog! Snack in Mumbai, the ultimate list of the joys of visiting India this collection of Mumbai.

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